Where to have your London picnics

I started to get really good at planning a picnic and always have an idea in my head of what kind of products I want to bring, what outfit to wear and the most important: what’s my location!

It was never this way, of course, we all start somewhere, but through the years I got better and if I can do it, so can you!

Also, I am giving you some of my favourite London picnic spots, but would love to see some iconic picnic ideas where you are too!

1. Tower Bridge

My first ever iconic picnic I’ve done was at Tower Bridge! Now, who doesn’t know this amazing landmark in London? My first tip for you is to go early morning if you don’t want any people in your shot. Unfortunately for us, when we went here was midday and it was summer in London, everyone out enjoying the sun, the view, the company of other friends.

Where are all the people in my photo? I had to remove so many of them in some editing apps I use, to get to the end result!

2. The London Eye

The second landmark you could have an amazing picnic is at the London Eye! To get here, you can jump on the Jubilee line till Westminster and then walk for maybe 10 mins from the station, walk past the London Eye and go to the little park area around it and find your perfect spot!

3. Horse Guards Parade

Moving to the 3rd cutest area for a nice outdoor picnic: Horse Guards Parade. This is the ceremonial parade held in St Jame’s Park and is the scene of Trooping the Colour ok the Queen’s official birthday in June.

Now, I thought, what’s the best way to spend my birthday on a lovely sunny day in London than with a pompous picnic held here? I had to bring so many things for this one: flowers, balloons, cakes, picnic basket, fruits, always have a french baguette, some summer hats and bags. I’m not gonna lie, we did took a cab for this one, as was getting tired of carrying everything with me around London 🤣.

For the photo location: if you’ll move the camera more to the right, you’ll also get the London Eye in shot, which is what I initially wanted, but because the sun was so bright the shadows were all over my photo and in the end had to move everything ( yes everything:)) ) a bit more to the left, and this was the end result.

4. Regent’s Park

Lastly, for now ( still looking for some cute picnic locations) is this beautiful location in Regent’s Park! Now Regent’s Park has so many beautiful spots, and you can for sure find a place in every corner of it, but for me was this and only this! As I said, I always have a picture in my head of what things need to be like, and the only way for me to share my ideas, is to put them in practice.

To get here, is best if you take the tube to Baker Street and walk for about 10-15 mins. As mentioned, the park has many beautiful spots, rose gardens everywhere, so always be creative and try and have your take on a photo.

Hope you guys found this article useful and please tag me @ralu_teodorescu on Instagram, as I cannot wait to see your beautiful picnic setups.

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