Best Christmas decorations in London

We all know by now that London is famous for it’s beautiful displays all year long (if you do ‘t believe me then go and check my Instagram profile @ralu_teodorescu) and Christmas is no exception at all!

Starting from begging/mid of November all the autumnal installations are being replaced with the Christmas ones. Now my list can go on and on but just to keep this simple, will narrow it down to 10 of what I think, are the best Christmas installations across town.

1. The Ivy Chelsea Garden

The Ivy is one of the best restaurants in London, covering quite a few well known locations in London: Chelsea, Tower Bridge, High Street Kensington and Covent Garden, and the displays they have are out of this world. Each season I’m waiting for the time for when the new installations are up, and each season I am left in awe and I will share here the last 3 years of decorations done by them:

2. Neill Strain Floral Couture

This award winning luxury Belgravia florist will be my second favorite place to visit when it comes to decorations. As mentioned earlier all locations in London change their decor per season and I think it’s such an amazing idea as will make you want to go back and check the new installations and let me tell you, it’s never the same and you’re always left amazed by how creative people are.

3. The Boltons

Located in Chelsea, The Boltons is a street and garden square in the Brompton district of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Why this is on my 3rd favorite place? Because of this magnificent house decor. The photos are done two years in a row as wanted to recreate my most like photo of Christmas 2020.

4. Covent Garden

Associated with the former fruit and veggie market, Covent Garden centres now on the elegant Piazza, home to fashion stores, craft stalls and the Royal Opera House. What I like about it is that there are so many places around so beautifully decorated and the Piazza is like this vibrant place of music, food and good shopping spots.

5. Peggy Porschen Cakes

Known for it’s fairytale pink façade, seasonal floral installations, Peggy’s boutique bakery is now a must-visit spot for visitors. I could insert here tons if photos that I’ve done though out the year, as always go to enjoy a nice muffin, or cake and some good hot chocolate, but will try and stick for my two most recent ones.

No rain will stop me from enjoying my muffin

6. Cartier – Old Bond Street

The home to luxury shopping brand, Bond Street is known for it’s wealth of elegant stores, designer fashion and exclusive brands. Why I’m choosing this location is for the beautiful displays that Cartier does year by year and for the view you get of this magnificent store.

8. Annabel’s Mayfair

Found at 45 Berkeley Square, Annabel’s is one of the most elegant clubs in the world . Found in 1963, this bundle of glamour, extravagance and intimacy, the club continues to create unforgettable memories for its membership members.

9. EL&N London

Covering over 9 locations across London, ELAN has one of the most beautiful displays one can ever imagine. It’s like a pink heaven in each and every one of them. Are they all worth visiting? Of course, because not one is decorated the same, not one of them has the same background.

10. Natural History Museum Ice Rink

I’m saying’s this with such a heavy heart, but the NHM Ice Rink will close it’s doors this year as new projects are made ,but it was one of the most visited spots in London over the winter period. I mean who wouldn’t want to go skating with such a view behind?!

I went thorough my list over and over again, thinking if I should still insert it in the top 10, knowing it won’t be held again in 2022, but I think it was such an iconic place that it wouldn’t be fair not to mention it.

So guys, I hope you enjoyed this article and if you are planning to come and visit London anytime of the year, all the locations mentioned above will have seasonal decor installations so will for sure be worth visiting.

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