Punta Cana

This year started with a vacation in an exotic place, called Dominican Republic.After months of thinking where to go, we’ve picked Punta Cana. I was so excited, I was going shopping everyday, to get myself ready for the big day.I remember before our flight, I barely slept.I was getting nervous, making a recap in my head of the things I have to take, being paranoid of not forgetting anything. After a 9 hour flight and some good movies, to keep us busy, there we were, in a wonderful place, I called ‘Heaven’. As soon as we checked in, we left our things in the room , and ran to see the beach, the sea, the whole place.

_mg_3696I need to say, it was freaking awesome to be in a place like that, when all your friends are skiing, or snowboarding. The best part of being at all inclusive, is that there are so many activities you can do, you won’t even have the time to get bored. We went to the gym, like the second day, but let’s be honest, I prefer eating then going to the gym. The whole time we stayed there, I was saying ‘I’m not really hungry, but let’s just go to see what they have’. And guess what? I was always going back to my table, with my plate full of everything. Hey! I know I’m skinny, but damn I eat a lot!


The whole time we stayed there, it was like 30 degrees, pretty cool for January, but I have to say that, honestly, you couldn’t tell. The breeze was just perfect, just enough to cool you off. We spent our mornings on the beach, our afternoons by the pool, and our evenings would begin with a romantic dinner at the restaurant, followed by a walk along the beach, or just chilling on our balcony, and enjoying the view.

Yep! Our balcony view!

On our last day, we took a boat trip to Saona Island, one of the most beautiful islands I have ever seen.The light blue water was so mesmerizing, you could’t take your eyes from it, and the palm trees stood there like guardians, trying to protect their treasure.What treasure am I talking about? Well, think of this,  the Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed there,  among other exotic islands.

Ok now, enough talking, let’s see some pictures! Hope you enjoyed it, and may your next vacation be here!





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