Missing Budva / Montenegro



I think Budva is the most amazing place I have seen in Europe. Although we were supposed to be there in like 10 hours, we managed to waste almost a day to get there. How is that possible? We had four GPS systems with us, and all of them were giving us different routes of how to get there. It was so frustrating because one was saying go left, the other one go right, and you were like ‘K so where do I go now? Are we flipping a coin do decide?’. It was like playing the  lottery, you either get it right or you don’t.


We went in and out the borders like 6 times, I bet the guys were saying we are crazy or we are doing some shady things here lol. But it wasn’t the case, the problem was at a border, when we were asking for directions, they were saying go to the left, and by the time we got to the other border, they were telling us ‘No you should’ve made a right at the first border’. On one way i thought it’s funny, like who goes in an out of a country so many times? but on the other hand, we were all so tired, and we just wanted to get there and enjoy our holiday.


After all this, we finally got in Montenegro, and to be honest it was worth the wait. On our way we saw a Zip line thing there and of course my boyfriend was super excited to do it, and of course he wanted me to do it as well. Even though I was freaking out, it was the coolest thing ever.


Going around the mountain can be so overwhelming, the view is absolutely amazing and breathtaking, you will definitely enjoy every second there.


As we were approaching Budva we stopped like every second to take pictures, this place is really  eye caching.

_MG_1640 _MG_1673

This city is so full with life, I feel like I wanna move and stay there forever. I have never seen so many luxurious cars, so many beautiful people like here. I was completely mesmerized when I saw parents with two or three children next to them, looking like models. They are all so tall and so good looking, I was feeling a bit like the Lilliputians in Gulliver’s Travels.

_MG_1720 _MG_1730

Yes people no guns in the club! Still funny, like I never saw a sign where it actually said no guns allowed.

The best part here is that there are so many clubs near the beach and you can go in and party, and then if you had enough of that one, or you just wanted to change the music, you had like 10 more from where to choose.

Basically that is how our week was, beach all day, clubs all night.

_MG_1813 _MG_1875

_MG_2081 _MG_2089

What you will need when you go here, is a car. It will be so much easier for you to travel around, and to visit everything, and why not , to get lost like we did several times.

_MG_2034 _MG_2029

On our last day we decided to drive around and we saw a little Monastery on top of the hill. You had to climb a few steps to get there, and when I say a few, I actually mean a lot. Eat before you go up there, cause it might take a while, buy a bottle of water, take a fan with you, and pray you won’t collapse half way there :). Our luck was that it was like 36 degrees i think, and half way there I just wanted to go back and throw myself in the sea to cool out. But no, my boyfriend was like ‘com’on you can do it’ so I did it, and it was worth it.

_MG_2006 _MG_1944

_MG_1912 _MG_1969


RO: Cred ca Budva e unul din cele mai frumoase locuri pe care le-am vizitat in Europa. Desi trebuia sa ajungem in aprox 10 ore, am reusit performanta de a pierde aproape o zi. Sa mai zic ca am avut 4 Gps’uri la noi si ca toate 4 ne dadeau directii diferite? Si acum ma ia cu dureri de cap cand ma gandesc. Unul arata la stanga, celalalt la dreapta, iar noi eram ‘k si pe unde o luam totusi?’ si uite asa am mers la dreapta, apoi inapoi ca de fapt trebuia sa facem stanga si tot asa. Partea buna era ca macar mai vedeam si noi locuri noi.


Am intrat si iesit din granite cred ca de vreo 6 ori si desi intrebam incotro e mai bine sa o luam, pe cand ajungeam la cealalta granita ni se zicea ca de fapt trebuia sa facem dreapta nu stanga, ca drumul e mai bun pe acolo. La un moment dat ma amuza toata situatia asta, dar intr’un final tot ce vroiam era sa ajungem si noi odata in Muntenegru.


Trebuie sa zic ca privelistea aici e atat de frumoasa, imi venea sa stau cu orele, sa ma uit pierduta in zare, cufundata in gandurile mele.Primul lucru pe care l-am facut aici era sa ne dam pe Zipline / tiroliana (Instalaţia formată din două platforme situate la o distanţă de 340 metri şi o diferenţă de nivel de 29 metri).

In apropiere de Budva, ne opream tot la 5 minute sa facem poze. Orasul e atat de plin de viata, iar oamenii sunt atat de inalti si frumosi, incat ma simteam ca un liliputan in comparatie cu ei.

_MG_1693 _MG_1750

Cea mai tare parte e ca aproape de plaja e plin de cluburi.Poti merge linistit inauntru, petrece, iar cand te saturi si vrei sa schimbi atmosfera, iesi si intri la vecini. Cam asa a decurs saptamana noastra in mare parte, plaja toata ziua si cluburi toata seara.


_MG_1794 _MG_1905

Ce as sugera, daca vreodata te decizi sa mergi in Budva, e sa ai o masina. E mult mai usor asa sa te plimbi de ici de colo si ai sansa sa vizitezi mult mai mult.


In ultima zi ne-am decis si noi sa lasam plaja si sa mergem sa ne plimbam prin oras. Asa am dat de o manastire aflata in varful muntelui. Aveam de urcat cativa trepti, iar cand zic cativa vreau sa zic, de fapt, o gramada. Ne-am oprit prima data sa mancam ceva sa prindem putere, altfel as fi fost de mult lesinata. Ia o apa cu tine, un evantai, o palarie, asta daca nu vrei sa te plangi ca si mine la jumatea drumului, cand tot ce vroiam era sa ma intorc si sa ma arunc in mare :). Bineinteles ca Andrei zicea tot timpul ‘hai ca poti, hai ca mai avem putin’ si asa am ajuns si eu in varf si sincer nu mi’a parut rau deloc, privelistea era de nedescris.


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