Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the national capital of Malaysia as well as its largest city.  People from all over Asia have settled here, creating this beatiful mix cultures, traditions and religions.

There are plenty to see and visit here like the iconic Petronas Tower, hindu temples, caves, bird parks, amazing waterfountains or shopping centres, this place has it all.

We stayed at Berjaya Hotel, towering over the skyline majestically and located in the heart of the city so it was quite easy to get to the main attractions and the view from our room was just breathtaking.


In our 3 day stay in Kuala Lumpur we decided to visit the city, visit the amazing Petronas Tower, the Bird Park and the Perdana Botanical Gardens. The last day we ended spending at the hotel, enjoying a bit of sun at the pool and just chilling, after all a 13 hour flight was waiting for us.

Petronas Tower

It was quite easy to get here from were we stayed. As it was our first day here we decided to walk, explore the city. It took us somewhere around 30 maybe 35 mins to get to the tower. It was hot I won’t lie, but where you’re in a place like this it doesn’t really matter. All you want to do is see as much as you can, enjoy the beauties the city has to offer you.


Water fountain display near Petronas Tower
Water fountain display near Petronas Tower
Morning view at Berjaya Hotel

Our second day we spent visiting the one of the big attractions in Kuala Lumpur and that is the KL Bird Park and the Perdana Botanical Gardens.

Also known as the “World’s Largest Free-flight Walk-in Aviary”, the KL Bird Park is the home of over 3.000 birds of over 200 species of local and foreign birds. The Park is located in Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens and was 10 mins drive from our hotel.  The entrance fee is 67.00 RM, which is 12.15 GBP or 13.16 EUR.

Star attractions include colourful parrotso,striches, eagles and flamingos. While walking through the park you might get hungry or would just like to stop for a drink. There is the Hornbill Restaurant, located within the Hornbill Park of KL Bird Park.



Our friend Gusti. Looks like he owns the place
Hey there little fella
When you’re trying to pay attention but ur friend is bored AF
Told you he’s the boss


when you’re showing off




And finally the last day we spent in a shopping centre near us and after that by the pool, getting as much energy as possible, after all we had a 13 hour flight ahead.


Hope you guys enjoyed it!

Love, R


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