La Digue Island


Seychelles was always on my bucket list and I was so happy when we decided to go there. I want to say that whoever says this is a honeymoon holiday they are so wrong. This is not just a place to visit on your honeymoon, this should be a place to visit whenever you have the opportunity and want to disconnect yourself from the daily routine.

We had to take 3 flights and a ferry to get there but it was all worth it. We flew from London to Istanbul, from Istanbul to Mahe, from Mahe took a small plane to Praslin Island and from there a ferry to La Digue.

La Digue is the third most-traveled island in the archipelago, since it is so accessible from Mahé and Praslin, but it still has a tranquility about it. The best thing about La Digue is that the only cars there are taxis and you will only see a few of them. To have the best experience in La Digue, you can only walk or cycle in order to explore all parts of the island. When you get into port, you’ll see a few different bike rental places, and they’ll get you set up to ride anywhere you need to on the island, or some accommodations may also rent them.

La Digue is the perfect place for a quiet holiday, for me it was the most relaxing holiday I had. The fact that we were cycling around the island every day, with no traffic, no stress, with nice and helpful people, it made me love this island even more.



Where to stay in La Digue?

This depends a lot on how much you are willing to spend on the island. You can choose from 5 starts hotels to different guest houses rented by the locals, offering breakfast or are self catering.  On the last note, you can find some really good deals and really cute places to stay, without spending loads of money on it. In the end you are there to enjoy the island, the culture and just enjoy life.

Food in La Digue 

There are only a few restaurants on the island and one take away. We always had our breakfast in the morning at our accommodation and to be honest it was a lot of food. Everything was fresh and prepared on the spot depending on your needs. This included eggs, toast with butter and gem, yogurt, cake and a big platter of fruit, plus juice, tea or coffee. Now this would keep me full for a long time.  You can always get few things from the shops as well in order to prepare a sandwich for lunch and maybe  later on go out for dinner in the evening in the centre of La Digue where you will find several restaurants. Like this you can save a few money since the food is quite pricey on the island.

Beaches on La Digue

Anse Source D’Argent beach is one of the most photographed beaches in Seychelles, and it is an absolute must-see. To get to the beach, you’ll have to pay an entrance fee at the L’Union Estate (100 SCR ) . If I remember well I think if you go there after 6 PM, just to enjoy the sunset, the entrance is free. There are quite a few things to do here besides enjoying the most known beach in the world- here we saw for the first time the giant tortoises ,  the vanilla plantation ,the Seychelles coconut crab which likes to dig holes in the backyards of the Seychellois people. Among others, there are fodys, sunbirds, terns, fruitbats, sheath-tailed bats and geckos.



Anse Cocos is a picturesque beach in the east of La Digue, offering crystal-clear water and pristine white sand. To get here you need to get to the Grand Anse beach which is accessible by road. From here walk along to the Petite Anse and then you will find a path behind the coconut sellers. You need to get to a swamp and from there you’ll start climbing the small mountain. The trail is well maintained and you’ll never get lost.


Anse Marron is located on the southern tip of La Digue. The best way to get here is by booking a guided tour. You can book it from your accommodation and it was 70 euros for the two of us, but totally worth it.We started by meeting early in the morning at Anse Reunion, from there the guide took us with a car to a certain path and then walk all the way to Anse Marron. Need to say it is not easy to get there on your own and would definitely recommend a guided tour. Once we got there we were offered a massive platter of fruits and some homemade food by our guide.  

DJI_0011 (2)

DJI_0004 (2)


Grand Anse is often-cited as the most beautiful beach on La Digue thanks to its picturesque scenery and pristine sandy surface.  The beach is accessible by road so you can easily get here with your bicycle. 


Petite Anse is just a short walk from its big sister, and offers similar scenery and characteristics. 

Anse Banane is situated on La Digue’s east coast, with an open view of the impressive Indian Ocean.



Before ending this post I would like to say that from Praslin and La Digue I prefered the last one. It was something about it that made me leave all my worries behind and just enjoy every single bit of it. The pro of it was the fact that we got the chance for once in our life to cycle around the island, to find all the beautiful beaches the island has to offer and to enjoy the nature. The cons and this is not just for La Digue it’s in general in Seychelles, that everything is a bit more pricey that I expected. Forgot to mention that renting the bicycles for 5 days for both of us was 60 euros.


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