Kivotos Mykonos

I’ve always dreamed of coming to Mykonos, but every year we decided last minute on a different location. This year I was so adamant that I wanted to come visit this beautiful island that my husband had to cave in and change our plans in order to be here.

Mykonos is one of Greece’s most beautiful islands, known for it’s summer party atmosphere and for the 16th century windmills that sit on a hill above Mykonos town.

Was it hard planning for a holiday last minute? Not really, I think if it’s in your interest to go visit a place then you’ll make it possible and now with restrictions easing up, this is your chance to say yes to this incredible island.

This year instead of going to one hotel and stay there for the entire week, we decided to spice things up and change hotels every two days, giving us a chance to meet new people wherever we went and also to be able to see as much as possible from Mykonos hotels.

The first hotel we went to was Kivotos Mykonos. Situated in Ornos Bay, Kivotos is a luxury hotel featuring a private beach and sea views , with individual and general pools all around it and let’s not forget the hotel’s private restaurant, Namah, with extremely delicious food from breakfast to dinner, you had everything one can ask for.

The hotel has 40 suites and villas , giving you a wide variety of options and price ranges depending on your preferences.

The hotel has a private spa, providing a wide variety of treatments for every need and also their own boutiques, offering a variety of high end clothing, jewelry and other accessories.

We’ve also had the opportunity to meet the owner of this fantastic hotel and he told us a bit of history about the hotel, being built in 1993 and being one of the first ever boutique hotel on the island, being an award winning boutique hotel in Mykonos.

Did I forgot to say that Kivotos is one of the hotels in Mykonos with their own, private beach?

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