Best red phone box locations in London

They’re impossible to miss as hundreds of the red phone boxes are scattered all over the city, so there’s no excuse of why you shouldn’t have a photo with them. Joking, you can take a photo wherever you want, but the red phone kiosks, as called before, have become such a staple for London that it will be a shame not to have a pic with them.

The red phone box can be found all over England, so if visiting London is not on your list, you’ll for sure find one in the cute little villages or other cities outside London.

I will leave here 7 of my most favorite locations for a photo with the beautiful phone boxes.

1. Old London Road

Located in Kingston Upon Thames, these beautiful phone boxes have recently been restored, ahead of their 30th anniversary.

The Out of Order sculpture, best known as the 12 tumbling phone boxes , became oke of Kingston’s most iconic landmarks. The art installation by David Mach was installed in 1989 and since have attracted many tourists to the area, myself included.

The installation can be found at the western end of Old London Road, close to the Kingston Museum.

2. Covent Garden

Close to the Covent Market you can find two red boxes located on St James street, close to the Apple store. As you know by now, I like going to take my photos early morning, as the market can get super crowded quite quickly.

From the Covent Garden station, you’ll walk maybe 3 mins and you’ll see the phone boxes on your right hand side.

Also located in Covent Garden, this time on Broad Court, these beautiful 5 red phone boxes are lined up against a Georgian façade with The Young dancer statue located nearby.

3. Victoria Embankment opposite London Eye

Alongside the river Thames, you’ll find these two beautiful red boxes, with the iconic London Eye in the background, giving it that extra spice cause who doesn’t want their pic to be epic, right?

The nearest tube station is Westminster and from there you’ll want to go towards the Big Ben, take a left onto Victoria Embankment and walk for 1minute.

4. St Paul’s Cathedral

Located on the beautiful grounds of the St Paul’s Cathedral, the phone box next to it will give you the spectacular background of the 2nd largest church in England.

The closest tube station is St. Paul’s and from there you’ll walk for maybe 5 mins to get here. I’ll highly recommend visiting in spring, when the cherry blossoms are in bloom as the view is so breathtaking.

5. Old Bond Street

Had to mention this again, if you read my last blog post, you’ll know why I say again. The beautiful red phone box is located close to Cartier , giving you that extra fabulous background that we’re all looking for. The best time to come here will be during Christmas as all the shops will be beautifully decorated, and Cartier never disappoints.

Also, once you’re done taking your photos, you can sit and enjoy the view at Ralph’s coffee , this cute little terrace located opposite Cartier.

How to get here: you can either go to the Piccadilly station and walk towards Old Bond Street, or if you’re on the Jubilee line as I am, then go to Bond Street station and walk for maybe 8-10 mins.

6. St James’s Square

Did you knew that St James’s Square is the only square in the St James’s district of the City Of Westminster? It was also one of the three most fashionable residential streets in London.

Why I included this location on my list, is for the beautiful background you have during Christmas, with one of the cutest Christmas trees you’ll see.

The Christmas Tree in St James’s Square takes over Waterloo Place close to the Guards Crimean War Memorial.

7. Westminster Abbey

Located close to the Westminster Abbey church, this phone box has become of of my most favorite spots. Why, you ask? Well, first of all you have this beautiful gothic abbey church in the background, and second, well the first says it all 😬. I felt in love the minute I saw this location, and it’s distance walking from Westminster station.

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