UK Lavender fields

There are two beautiful lavender fields that are close to where I live, and I wanted to share them with you, if you ever decide to visit.

1. Mayfield lavender farm

Located in Banstead, Surrey, postcode SM7 3JA, this beautiful farm is a family run business, growing organic lavender on the Surrey Downs.

You can get to the farm by car, parking is free, or by train and then take a bus or taxi to the farm.

There is an entry fee, I cannot remember what the price was ( under 10£ anyway) , it is free for children and you can also bring your dogs with you, but they are to be kept on a lead all times. The entry fee will be lower as the lavender fades, coming to a 2£ entry fee from the 10th of August.

The best time to visit the farm will be end of July, but I would highly recommend you calling the farm as well as they can give you more specific dates to when it’s best to visit, especially now with all the weather changes, as more and more flowers are starting to bloom sooner than before.

I visited Mayfield Lavender farm on the 26th of July, just as a reference to when the lavender was in full bloom, and also got there by 9AM, which is their opening time.

The farm is open from 9am-6pm Monday to Sunday, the fields opening from June 1st, but as they advise on their website as well, the flowers will be in full bloom between July and August.

Very important, before you go to the farm, check the forecast, as I did end up going once when it was raining, thinking the sky will clear, but the light was just not helping with my photos and ended up not posting anything that year. Very lucky the 2nd time we went, we got to enjoy a very beautiful, warm and sunny day!

2. Hitchin Lavender Farm

This beautiful lavender field is located in the heart of Ickleford, on Arlesey Road, Hitchin, postcode SG5 3UA.

This beautiful flower farm is again a family run business, they also have a sunflower field next to the lavender one, of course they do not bloom at the same time, but it’s worth coming back and seeing’s the beautiful flowers in their full glory! 🌻

You can get here by train, but you’ll have to take a taxi from the station to the farm, price is somewhere between 10£-16£ per ride( we took Uber), you can also take their local taxis, but their price will be slightly higher (we were told 25£-30£). Or the 2nd option is by car, and the parking is free.

The entry fee was 9£ per person, when we went end of July, and you can buy the tickets either at the gate or online.

The difference between Mayfield and Hitchin farm is that at Hitchin you are allowed to bring your picnic with you and just sit and enjoy the beautiful view, where as at Mayfield, picnics are not allowed .

Again, your four legged friends are allowed here too, so they can enjoy the beautiful views as well!

If you’d like to pick up some flowers, you can do that as well, I paid for the lavender 5£ at the gate, and they give you a bag and scissors, but please be mindful and cut from the sides as asked by the staff, as I’ve seen many people cutting right in the middle, which obviously will take away from their beauty.

Both of this beautiful farms have toilets on site, small areas where you can grab something to eat and drink, and cute little shops where you can buy more lavender based products.

Hope you guys will add this to your list and will visit these beautiful locations with your friends and family!

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  1. Beautiful photos and good and thorough information presented well.


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